The generation of toxic and hazardous waste is an integral component of development. Human activity generates large volumes of wastes everyday. A significant percentage of these wastes is toxic and inevitably finds its way to the soil,water, plants and finally through the food chain into biological systems where they accumulate and concentrate to alarming levels.When this happens,containment of hazardous wastes becomes necessary. Managing hazardous wastes would mean stopping this chain of contamination from initiating –preventing the waste from polluting the soil and the water table nearby the disposal facility and the landfill.

Hazardous wastes may be detrimental to both human health and day to day human life.Components of hazardous waste can be carcinogenic, teratogenic, corrosive, flammable, explosive and / or releasing toxic fumes. The industries / government need technically feasible and sustainable solutions for the management of hazardous waste generated.

At Century ECO, we offer complete solutions: Reuse, recycle, recovery, treatment and disposal of Hazardous Waste.

Our I.C.H.W.M.F (Integrated Common Hazardous Waste Management Facility is a community based approach for the treatment, storage & disposal of Hazardous Wastes generated by the cluster of Industries in the region. Our facility enrolls all the hazardous waste generating industries as its members, collects the wastes from them, transports the same to the facility, based on their characteristics in environmentally safe manner and as per the regulatory requirements. This is in accordance with the Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) rules 1989 & maintaining other amendments under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1986.